Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Before I Die, I Want To......?

Honestly, it was impossible for me to watch this video today without becoming emotional.  I couldn't help but think about my Grandpa Howard who I still miss so terribly.  I carry a tattoo in his honor that serves as an ongoing reminder of how I want to live and, just as important, how I want to leave this world.

This short but powerful video shows us an example of a simple, effective technique that we can use immediately in our staff, board, community or conference spaces.  Even virtual spaces.  For an association this is a low cost, yet lovely exercise that can take members beyond the discussion of "what we do" to "who we are."  In my mind, that is the type of human interaction that is often missing as associations attempt to communicate with the people that matter most to them.

Watch the video and think about how you might answer the question it asks. Then look at the simple technique that was used and do a little DIY brainstorming about how you can duplicate, adapt or model both the concept itself and/or the execution to benefit your own communities.  (The production of the toolkit to encourage replication was a particular stroke of cooliosity.)

Wishing you all the best on your journeys. I am not sure how to fill in the blank just yet.  But you can be sure I'm going to be thinking about it.  Association life has to be about more than membership....

Before I die I want to __________________.


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