Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Is the Next Facebook Killer....Myspace?!?! Wha...?

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

Nope, Paul wasn't dead and apparently neither is Myspace.

Any way you slice it, there is always something new getting ready to roll out.  When Myspace first slammed onto the scene, it had a really cool vibe and was based in large part on encouraging people to share their most personal thoughts on blogs, and information about their favorite music and entertainment personalities.  Of course we all know the story - it floundered and was pretty much relegated to the "has-been" file.  We started writing new stories about Facebook, Google+, etc.  Now Pinterest is the coolest new kid in town.

It seems that Myspace didn't get the memo. Instead of allowing itself to wash out to sea, it quietly went to work.  I don't believe it is live yet, but this video preview shows some massive improvements and some exciting innovative twists.  Yes, this appears to still primarily be a music and entertainment site, but what do we love more than popular culture and sharing our days with our friends?

It looks to me like they have implemented some major improvements including making connections and engagement even deeper than it has ever been before.  You don't just "like" a person or a band page and follow their status updates, you become part of their social eco-system.  What we have yet to see is if Myspace will expand that concept beyond bands and artists to our realm of issues and interests.  If so, this is a gorgeous new interface that could have some really major advantages over Facebook.

Yes, Myspace has kept it's flavor which is why it's fans love it.  But it's all grown up and poised to become a visual and auditory challenger to Facebook and Pinterest both.  The battle is for eyeballs and we still only have 24 hours per day.  If it also incorporates cat pictures, recipes, search and messaging then.....(insert your own interpretation here)....

Two lessons from this new announcement and video from Myspace.  The first thing that we already know but we have to keep reminding ourselves is our communications landscape will never return to the days of dependable channels.  As people (members, stakeholders) become more expressive, we will have to find ways to be expressive back.  Will Myspace become our next communications frontier?  I don't know but I see some possibilities here that we can't afford to ignore until we explore.

The second is no organization can afford to sit on its laurels.  Even if you think your association is king of the hill/queen of the castle there is ALWAYS someone in the background designing something cooler than you.

I'm excited to see what's next for Myspace and glad to see that maybe the rumors of its demise had been greatly exaggerated.


  1. Well user wise Facebook may be in the lead (including fake accounts) but MySpace is a different story. It's more than social networking.


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