Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Association Management - FIX IT

"It's really very simple Seth.  Step One - Fix, Step Two - It, Step Three - FIX IT! Repeat steps one through three until it's all FIXED!"

Some of my all time favorite skits on Saturday Night Live involved this character - "Oscar Rogers" - that debuted during the financial crisis of 2008.  Here is the link if you can't see the embedded video.  The one I've embedded here was the second one they did.  (The first one is here only this is the full Weekend Update and the Oscar Rogers segment starts at 2:10.  It is so worth a watch. Do it.)

I have been thinking about this clip more and more lately.  I'm starting to wonder if we, myself included, might be making the question "how do we move associations forward into the future" a little too complicated.  Sometimes I see good executives become almost paralyzed, overwhelmed with the sense that this association management thing is careening out of control.  That somehow we are flying our associations into a mountain we can't see. I do it too. Sometimes I think our problems are just too big.

But we all need to breathe.  Associations aren't completely out of control, out of ideas or out of options.  We aren't going to crash this thing unless we take our hands off the wheel.  This isn't so complicated that we can't deal with the future one change at a time. Yes, some of these upcoming changes are huge, but they might also be for the best.  Yes, our challenges are serious, but life has been and will continue to be full of serious challenges.  I've decided to stop panicking every time a blog post or an article barfs up the "we're all gonna die" scenario on my screen.  Maybe it's time we just started yelling, "FIX IT!" instead.

I'm taking a short sabbatical to do some visioning work and some needed recharging.  I'm going to be thinking about things I want to fix, not things I want to wallow in despair over. I am trying to practice what I preach about white space so I'll catch you regular readers on the flip side.

And hey, it would be great if you cats could get it all fixed by the time I get back (you know I love you!).

Take it one step at a time, Seth.  Identify the problem - fix it.  Identify another problem - FIX it.  Repeat as necessary until its all FIXED.


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