Thursday, December 27, 2012

My 5 Terms for 2013

It is safe to say these folks are completely fantastic - Rube Goldberg on steroids.  Here is the link if you can't see the embed.

And that is kind of what I think about 2013.  Time to push things to the next level. I had my five terms for 2012 and they really did help me focus. I haven't given up on any of them, but it is a fact that I evolved this year in some different directions.  Or, in some cases, am feeling the need to double-down on some older directions that I neglected a bit last year.

So for 2013 I am keeping Zeitgeist and Democracy.  Zeitgeist because it helps me use a bigger frame when thinking about problems that affect associations and potential solutions coming from larger social trends.  And democracy because I am a governance nerd and refuse to give up on the idea that associations are the training grounds for citizenry in this country.

However, here are three "new" areas I am going to (re) focus on in 2013.

Workforce Development - I have been occasionally harping on this, but I think I am going to pound on that drum a little harder this year.  The workforce skills gap is becoming increasingly critical.  Approximately 4 million jobs are going unfilled in the United States because of the lack of trained workers. And middle-skilled jobs are rapidly disappearing.  Associations, even those who believe they are in the thick of it, have an opportunity to seize on these economic trends, step up their game and make this a winning issue for themselves.

Gamification - I liked what Seth Priebatsch had to say about the game layer being built over the world.  In his TedTalk he mentions that in the past decade the social layer was built.  The next decade will be about the game layer.  I think he's right.  For me personally, social media is dangerously close to jumping the shark.  I understand some associations have yet to understand how to engage with social media and although that is a shame, the world is not going to stand still and wait for them to catch up.  What's coming next is the game layer.  So hold onto your hats kids, we are going on another fun ride.

Forecast - For me, the real fun lies in examining things I don't have the answers to yet.  Focusing on big zeitgeist trends is one thing, trying to predict what might be next is even more fun. What's next springs from compelling discussions around what currently is and what could be.  So I'm going to try something new this year and I hope you all come along for the ride.  More details soon.

Here is wishing you and yours the best of the rest of the season.  I'll be back in January with some new programs, some new posts and some new ideas.  Hopefully we can keep collaborating like the cool folks in this weeks video and make something happen this year in the association management community.


  1. You have some nice and creative ideas. I should create my own terms as well.

  2. When you do create your own terms feel free to share them with us....:D

  3. Paul Donnelly, CAEJanuary 23, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    Satisfaction - not in the sense of smug, self, but in the sense of peaceful appreciation of what I have already been given.
    Motivation - something I can never lose for myself and that I can hope to inspire in others.
    Education - this is the "cause" entry. From pre-k to elementary to secondary to college to adult lifelong learners,we must reform our approach to education to stress joy and fulfillment as much as rigor and accomplishment.
    Rigidity - this is the "one to watch out for" entry. I can sometimes know what's "right" far more than is useful or appropriate. I've got the apologizing after the fact down pat, now I need to perfect seeing it coming and not being "right" at all.
    Breathe-Is there anything in the world more difficult?

  4. Paul - what a wonderful and inspiring list of terms! I loved them all! Thank you so much for stopping by and participating....I hope you find it helps you as much as it helps me...



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