Monday, January 7, 2013

Tune in to the Association Forecast

The VCR and the DVD - there wasn't none of that crap back in 1970 
We didn't know about a World Wide Web 
Was a whole different game being played back when I was a kid 
.....Yeah, you could hear the music on the AM Radio......Everclear, AM Radio

I love this song.  The retro-thusiasm is sublime and I can almost see that little blue transistor radio that I carried around with me with it's fussy dials and unholy squawk. Of course, we now have access to tools we couldn't even have imagined even fifteen years ago which is the reason for this post.

This year I'm trying a little experiment. When I set up the Association Forecast Google+ Community over the break, I meant it when I said I'd like this community to be a salon. As much as I like watching, reading and commenting, I do miss the art of conversation and exchange. In that spirit I have started a new weekly broadcast called "The Association Forecast." Each week, I will be joined by three guests on a Google Hangout to talk about a topic and how it might relate to the association management profession.  We might choose topics like TEDTalks, trends, videos, articles or books. We will be broadcasting live as well as recording and posting episodes for consumption on your own time.

Our first show is this Wednesday, January 9, 2013 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. My guests this week are +KiKi L'Italien , +Jeffrey Cufaude and +Steve Swafford talking about Trendhunters: Top 20 Trends for 2013.  Please keep an eye out for updates.  I'm not exactly sure how this whole thing will work, but that's never really stopped me before.

Next shows are:

Wednesday, January 16 - McKinsey Report: Education to Employment
Wednesday, January 23 - Creating a Reputation Trail for Members
Wednesday, January 30 - Institute for the Future: Workforce of the Future
Wednesday, February 6 - Living a Single Story: How our Membership Story can be Exclusionary

If you would like to appear as a guest on the Association Forecast, let me know which dates and topics you might like.  I'd love to hear from you and the more the merrier.  All you need is a free Google+ account and a webcam.  Give me a shout at


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