Friday, January 25, 2013

Ziggy Stardust and the Members From Mars

Ah, David Bowie at his perfect best - here is the link if you can't see the video embed....

I am getting ready to give a presentation this evening and starting thinking about how technology continues to revolutionize association membership.  It's the hope of technology that gets us closer and closer to our members both in terms of proximity and time.

I remember in the good old days we got as close as the mailbox.  Then as close as the fax machine across the room.  Then we crept even closer into the email.  Now we are desperately trying to get into our members pockets with mobile devices and wondering about Google Glasses and other innovations.

But how much closer can we get?  I am not sure but something tells me that with Ray Kurzweil over at Google trying to create an electronic brain that we are in for some surprises in the next few years.  This video out of IBM talks about computers that in five years will be able to touch, see, smell, hear and taste.

The association technology company of the future will be the first one who figures out how to program a watch, sensor, glasses or some other wearable technology that can sense what a member is doing on the job and send them helpful instructions or warnings about tasks they are about to do.  Imagine if you are working on a car and as you are doing your repair your "Association Talk" device sees what you are doing, warns you if you are about to make a mistake, makes a suggestion as to how to do your job quicker and easier, links you directly to Amazon so you can order a tool you should have on hand but don't and can link you directly to your customer when your job is complete with an automatic text.

How about a doctor who is working with a patient?  The computer can sense how the conversation is going and monitor the doctors questions.  The "Association Talk" device can privately send the doctor a message when they skip an important question they should have asked, suggest a different lab test than the one that is being ordered, and automatically send the patient a text a few days later to inquire how they are feeling?

How about an association executive who is in the middle of a board meeting that just started going south. Can the sensors pick up the execs heart rate and perspiration volume, automatically send a quick tweet out to a carefully pre-selected brain-trust of peers who can stay on standby to offer advice when the executive takes a well-timed bathroom break?

I bet we can even make settings so members who are newer in their fields can set their level at "n00b" thereby receiving more detailed hints on the job, and more experienced folks can level up so we don't bug them unnecessarily.

Totally interactive, immersive membership.

Can your association get THAT close to a member?  I bet we can if we just figure out how....

Peace out you cats.....I'm getting my Ziggy on for the rest of the afternoon.....:D


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